10 time tested ways to drive away talent

You are a man of principles…your burly principles. You have spent a considerable years in the organization with exposure to varied functions. You have consistently risen the corporate ladder.

You definitely get worried when there is slightest of fret on your boss’s face; you always take care of your boss’s issues more than yours. You are eyes and ears of your boss. Which superior will not yearn for the Managers like you?

You are the person which every boss dreams of. You have become omniscient as you are there much before all self professed talented managers arrived in this organization. They are oblivious of everything; how can they innovate when you, the genius, are there to give innovation a new high?

Besides all these exquisite qualities, you have one extremely potent flair…You have an uncanny ability to drive away talent. After all, talented people and performers are always non-existent in the organization until you recognize one. Till date you haven’t came across any talented individual except when you face yourself in the mirror!!!

There has been a serious talent crunch and you have taken a pledge to drive away fake, self professed talented individuals, irrespective of the functions they are in; but managers directly reporting to you, definitely, will bear much of the brunt.

Let me try to help you. Though I am not as gifted as you; neither have I exposure nor do I have wiliness to take a seat beside you. But some of the must-do’s will make your job easier.

Those people are jerks who say that “bad managers seem to happen to good people everywhere”; you’ve staunchly believed in the fact that “bad employees seem to happen to good managers (like you) everywhere”.

Talent repellent

You, being so flared and gifted, might be trying your hands on many tricks to drive away talent but here are some of the Must Do’s which are time tested and proven:

Promises are just….Promises:

Recruit them promising an exciting job which, only exists somewhere in the heavens and dreams.

Show them the sky and make them believe that there couldn’t be better place and managers to work for on this earth. There is a scintillating thrill in showing the romantic trailer of a horror movie.

But why should you recruit talent if you anyway wish to drive them away? You know somewhere deep down that you don’t want yourself to be devoid of a heavenly pleasure of driving them away. Once they realize your “greatness” and understand their job, they’ll leave no stone unturned to run away. That’s exactly what you want.

They Always Care About Money, Keep it in Short Supply :

Money is everything and talented people are no different in yearning for it. Beware! don’t give money in abundance. You don’t want them to become complacent and stick back forever. What about your pledge? Give them miniscule hikes to under-project their performance. Let them become part of disgruntled lot.

Which talented person wants to be a part of excellent team, wish for a challenging job, want flexibility in his profile, wish to learn and add value? None, as you rightly think.

You will drive them away; and they grab anything to get away from you.

Transparency!? What’s this:

Never dare to bring to their notice the policies, rules, developments, performance, profitability etc. There is absolutely no need for people to understand these craps.

Never let them know how much their peers are earning. You love when they fret about this injustice. Don’t heed to their outbursts. Your inaction is your best action.

Don’t let your tongue slips and speaks about the imminent changes. Let them believe rumors and get raged within themselves.

These are the surest way to drive them a step away.

Strategy isn’t Their Cup of Tea:

Let them know only what is required. Strategy, planning, budgeting, forecasting etc. are definitely not their domain. Who needs to know what is happening across divisions?

They can never match your shrewdness and business acumen. They are no better than time killers with stale, boring ideas in strategy meetings.

Strategy is your know-how and it should be that way only.

Who needs Creativity and ideas?

Don’t demonstrate excitement on novel ideas from talented members of your team. It’s your mind, which ideas select to be flashed in. Innovation is only your realm.

Sit on their ideas and don’t promote the same to the group; look for an opportunity when you can pass the same; the result of your innovative & strategic mind.

Idea theft definitely is not a widespread unethical corporate crime. You have to practice this to ensure that they start venturing out for opportunities.

Appreciations are dangerous:

Only peudo-talent exists. Don’t appreciate or reward them for any achievement. Don’t ever give a slightest signal of them being exceptional. They will believe this and in turn will ask for hike, better perks, and recognition.

You mustn’t make the mistake of making them realize that they are talented lot any organization would love to work with.

Gradually, they will be lost in the herd of average employees and take decision to go away. That’s what you ultimately want.

Competition is good and collateral damage even better:

I know that your definition of competition is far from what other mortals think; Its Instilling negativities for you. Let people compete for every damn issue, worthy or not-worthy. Don’t stop them even if you can. This is the sense of “competitiveness” the “killer instinct” that you infuse everyday in their mind.

Competition is good and collateral damage is inevitable. Either way you are going to be benefitted.

Responsibility Makes, Authority Breaks:

Pass on all the responsibilities to talented individuals. After all, delegation is the hallmark of great manager. Responsibility is better for them. They’ll learn and get exposure to varied issues. You are their mentor. Don’t ever let go any authority; after all what a manager is without authority? Get the work done, that’s why you are being paid for.

Never let them have control on their projects. Never allow them to plan. Keep on throwing the responsibilities and tasks while ignoring their limitations. You are there to make their life tougher, or else, how you’ll drive them away.

Control is Better than Cure:

You can’t trust your team. By nature every one of them is non reliable. They are always there to fleece company’s hard earned money. They’ll not wait for a second to indulge into all the unethical activities to rip off company’s reputation. They need control, strict control.

Come out with innovative ideas to control them. You should be aware about every moment of their life. You need to micromanage.

Monitor their working hours strictly. Let them rant and rave. They will definitely try to get to the breathing space and the same is available only outside the organization.

Support the Supporters:

Who better knows the difference between good managers and human shields? You have always believed in later.

This, definitely, is the last and final nail in the coffin. As you are a smarter manager, you know better than anybody else that your decisions are indisputable. You don’t need any suggestions and unsolicited ideas from relatively fresh faces. After all you have not been playing rugby here for so many years.

You always believe in rewarding people who stands with you thick and thin in your decisions. You don’t need anybody to come and shoot his ideas because there can’t be any better than yours. You love “yes men”. You are ultimate; you are “The Manager” of this corporate world.

Though I have written some of the Must Do’s but I know you are light-years ahead of them.

You must not believe when Mr.Azim Premji says “People Leave Managers, Not Organizations”. People leave organizations because they can’t match the expectations, they can’t perform, most of all they can’t understand the managers and leaders like you.

I hope you will keep working on your pledge and all the above steps will ensure that you’ll retain only those who don’t have any better place to go?? This is what you always wanted. Isn’t it???

Article Courtesy: biztekmantra.com

Hardeep Handa

Hardeep Handa

I am a seasoned marketing professional. I am ardent reader and avid writer. Management and technology equally excite me. I write regularly in my blog www.biztekmantra.com and www.virginwords.com

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