12 Gadgets the mobile phones are killing

I remember the Wall Street Journal article “Have Breakfast… or…Be Breakfast!” by Prof. Murthi of IIM Bangalore. It indicates the inconceivable markets from where the competition is emerging. Music industry vs. mobile operators, cricket matches vs. movie shows, camera manufacturers vs. mobile phones. Perplexed!? But this is the picture fast emerging on technology front.

Mobiles phones traveled a long way from bulky and ugly devices on 0G networks to sleek and trendy ones exploring the barriers of all possibilities of communications and data transfers on 4G networks.

I believed that the phones are still phones till the time their development cycle went through the roof; and we all started doing the things never imagined beyond the thoughts of overtly creative and innovative souls.

Today, the applications, a smartphone carries, are giving serious threats to some of the gadgets meant for core functioning. Smartphones are transforming the ways we live and do the things. Technologies are seriously converging in a single gadget in our hands.

Still Camera: The smartphones are equipped with cameras giving tough competition to portable cameras. They have every feature that you desire. Nokia Pure View 808 boasts of 41MP camera. These cameras have advanced sensors, light exposure options, and host of superior features. Moreover, you always keep them with you. Couples of clicks; and within seconds, your pictures are shared with the world on ever expanding social media. Portability, decent picture quality, and connectivity turned smartphones into irresistible cameras.

Personal video camera and players: Not in distant future, the thought of your phone performing HD quality recording was a dream? Now you have Nokia N8, iPhone, HTC desire, Samsung Galaxy, and a number of other smartphones driving the portable video cameras on the verge of being obsolete. You can record your high quality video and at the same time share them with your family and friends. The ever increasing flash memory will make these phone-cum-cameras even more attractive option in near future.

Portable music players and MP3 Players: The markets for MP3 players and portable players have been steeply declining; and that of connected devices and media enabled phones is showing unprecedented growth. Phones have become much better devices to listen music, with expandable memory capable of storing thousands of your favorite songs.

Handheld gaming consoles: Nintendo DS, Pandora, PSP, and many other handheld gaming consoles are competing a losing game with your smartphone. In fact Nokia N-Gage and Sony Erricsson Xperia Play were the phones launched specifically for gaming enthusiasts. Your smartphones make excellent gaming consoles with an option to download from millions of games through their 3G and 4G network.

GPS devices: The GPS enabled mobile phones are far ahead in sales and usage in comparison to dedicated GPS devices. As per Berg Insight’s survey, 150 million GPS enabled phones were sold in comparison to 40 million dedicated GPS devices in 2009. The gap, since then, has much widened. Today’s smartphones are superior GPS devices also. Companies like Garmin, Navigon, Navman have seen writing on the wall. They have been introducing mobile apps for GPS; and some players even came up with smartphones with GPS applications. Technology change has forced them to transform their business model.

Fixed-line phones: Fixed line phones went through the journey from analog to digital technology, and finally fighting a losing battle against mobile telephony. Once ubiquitous, these phones are gradually giving way to mobile phones, especially in homes. Corporates will still stick to them for certain obvious reasons.


Pagers: Companies like Motorola, Mobilink, Pagelink were once looking to future to provide better paging services; but unfortunately, the beep and vibrations of pagers have become the thing of past with the advent of mobile phones. Some companies are still manufacturing them for use in the specific areas like manufacturing plants and hospitals; but for all practical purposes, pagers have become the victim of mobile phones.

Wristwatches: When was the last time you wear wrist watch or look at it to see the time? With mobile phones becoming the 24×7 partner of humans, the wristwatches are gradually losing their admirers. Moreover, mobile phones, with automatic sync time functionality, are one of the most accurate time devices killing wristwatches gradually.

Alarm clocks: Your mobile phone with hundreds of melodious options has replaced alarm clocks. At home or on business trip, you carry your alarm clock with you having multiple alarm setting options to wake you up. Alarm clocks are on life support systems before they become another victim of mobile phones.


Portable calculators: You don’t trouble your mind much, even for basic calculations, when mobile phone is readily available as a handy calculator. Portable calculators at your office desk and at home are slowly losing their importance and relevance. In fact calculators are facing invasion from varied directions like internet, laptops, software applications etc.

Voice recorders: Some voice recorders are still around. I don’t know why and who uses them when you have professional quality voice recording capability in your phones. The built-in voice recording function is adequate to hold hours of recordings. Even generic, non smartphones carry this feature.


Personal digital assistants and personal organizers: I am surprised that this gadget exists. I still have my Sony personal organizer in which I can store 1000 contacts with addresses and phone numbers. Today’s phones integrate the various platforms giving unmatched features, which you never thought of in your distant dreams. Bye Bye PDAs and POs.

There are many features emerging in smartphones which are posing threats to other gadgets. Portable projectors, routers, one-in-all remote, car-keys etc. are many other functionalities that smartphones are embracing. The manufacturers are cautious about the competition racing fast to them from smartphones.

Today’s smartphones are not mere phones but they are a powerful integrated gadget in your hand which is capable of calling people.

The future of smartphones is the future of integrated technology. Watch out for the unfolding of exciting story of smartphones.

Article Courtesy: biztekmantra.com

Hardeep Handa

Hardeep Handa

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