14 tricks to make your phone battery lasts longer

There are lot you can do with your smartphone today. The only limitation is the battery life which doesn’t last more than a day with moderate use. Follow below 14 tricks to make your phone battery lasts longer

There are simple tweaks by which your battery can last 30-50% more depending on the settings you choose. The good part – these tweaks works equally on all phones and all OS, be it Android, iOS, or Windows.

Switch these on only when required:

1.Mobile data: When the battery is getting low and charging is not immediately possible, switch off the mobile data. Your phone will keep on working without Internet services.

2. Blue tooth, Wi-Fi, GPS: Once the phone gets out of the range of these services, it uses much more battery as it keeps on searching for them. Switch off these services when you don’t require them. This improves the battery life drastically.

3. Location services: Switch off all the location services related to apps or GPS. For android go to Settings > Location Services and un-check all the boxes.

Check These:

4. 2G or 3G mode: Check if your phone is running on auto mode on GSM/WCDMA even if you have 2G plan. Selecting GSM will consume less battery in comparison to GSM/WCDMA services. If battery is getting low you can switch over to GSM mode to enhance the battery. For Android go to Settings > More Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode.

5. Battery usage: Check battery usage by apps. Go to Setting > Battery Use in case of Android. Close the applications which are using more battery.

Reduce these:

6. Screen brightness: Screen brightness setting consumes the maximum battery while you use your phone. Disable the auto brightness mode. Keep the brightness to minimum possible. You can increase the brightness whenever required.

7. Screen Timeout: This refers to the time after which the screen light switches off in case of inactivity. Keep the timeout as least as possible. I always keep it at 30 seconds to get maximum battery juice. For Android go to Settings > Display > Sleep or Screen Timeout.

8. Camera and Video: When you are running low on battery,do not  use the image camera or video camera. These applications use most of the battery making it drain much faster.

Monitor Apps:

9. Avoid unnecessary Apps: There are no dearth of Apps. Don’t keep on installing Apps if you don’t use them frequently. In case the Apps are preinstalled and you can’t uninstall them, you can disable them in case of Android versions 4.0 and above.

10. Close the Apps properly: If not closed properly, the Apps keep on running in the back using the battery without your knowledge. To close App keep pressing back button untill you come out of it.

11. Use bookmarks in browser: If you don’t use the Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google+ regularly, don’t install them. Instead use your browser with bookmarks to have access to these services whenever required.

Avoid these:

12. Vibration mode: Use vibration mode only when it is extremely urgent to use like in meetings. Low to moderate volume ringtones use much lesser battery than vibration mode.

13. Live wallpapers: Although live wallpapers look great and fun to use, they are heavy user of your battery. Use static wallpapers instead of live ones.

14. Widgets: Use lesser number of auto updating widgets on home screen. Open the applications from menu. This will help you last your battery longer.

These are small tweaks which will help to have your battery giving increased hours of service without frequent charging. Although I have given examples of settings for Android, but all the OS will have more or less similar tweaks to run the battery longer.

One last trick – Keep in mind the battery capacity or strength while buying your phone. Don’t settle anything less than 3000 mAh battery.

Sara Ali

Sara Ali

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