15 Amazing things Google Glass can do for you

Google Glass has been the most exciting gadget of the digital age. It is not the extension of your phone, music player, GPS or any other gadget. It is stand alone piece, the epitome of the limit of human imagination.

Many of you might have read or listened about Google Glass, and the taks it can perform. It is the most amazing piece humans can pack in a tiny space.

Google Glass can do the things for you, which were beyond your imagination till yesterday.

1. The world lens for you: Now you can see the whole world in your own language. Glass will enable you to translate written words from one language to the language of your choice. Reading road signs or restaurants menu in China will now be lot more easier for you!!!

2. Performs search: Have a question? Ask Google Glass. It will let you know the answer without disturbing the activity you are performing; be it climbing, walking, running, cycling, skating etc. Answers on the go for you!!!

3. Takes picture or record video: It will let you capture every bit of your memorable moments in the form of pictures or videos. You need not look out for your smartphone to capturer “that elusive moment”; Glass capture it for you.

4. Your personal assistant: Your digital personal assistant, Google Now is integral part of Google Glass. It will provide you real time information. Meetings, hotel reservations, flight schedules, traffic and lot more will be handled by Google Now for Glass; bringing you the right information at the right time.

5. Share in real time: This takes the social media platforms to new height. You can share your adventure instantly to Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Twitter, Tmblr. Sharing becomes feeding live to social platforms.

Google Glass

5. Keep you on right track: navigation feature will keep you on the right track whether you are exploring by car, foot, cycle or any other mode. Navigation feature is one of the most handy on in Google Glass.

6. Your local guide: Field Trip feature brings to you the information of your surroundings. Visiting a monument? Field Trip gets you the history, stories, expert views, architecture insights and lot more, channeled through the vast resources from web.

7. Never lose direction: The Compass feature comes handy while you plan to go on your next hike. You will never lose direction with Google Glass.

8. Strava compete: Strava is a group of athletes around the world who are connected with each other via web. Glass will enable you to track your runs, get real time feedback from friends around the world, measure your records. Its exciting to be with fellow athletes while you are in the mid of real action.

9. Golf assistant: The Golfsight feature is a golf GPS rangefinder made specifically for Glass. It gives you accurate pin distance, course data, and scoring information, all without having to dig through your pockets.

10. Golf Trainer: The SwingByte feature provides you the most accurate information on your swing, coaching you to perfect your game.

11. Your fitness coach: The features like LynxFit help you in your fitness regime. It tracks your health goals. Subscribe to a workout challenge, track your activity, and receive real time coaching through Glass.

12. Play Music: Feeling low? Listen to your favorite music. Just say “OK Google, Listen to”, order your favorite track. Glass will play it for you from Goole Play Music.

13. Take Notes: Notes are great help. From flash ideas to grocery list to critical tasks, Google Glass helps you to take notes. Just speak and Glass will take the notes with the help of Evernote and Google Keep.

14. Be on top of the headlines with latest News: Get latest updates from scores of news channels. Browse through your favorite topics on sports, business, technology, cool stuff. News on the go for you!

15. Keep in touch with your friends and loved ones: You can make calls or send SMSs while on the move. Always connected to your sweet little world.

There are lot more that Google Glass can do for you. I was amazed by the little wonder when I tried it first time in a gadget show. What about you???

Sara Ali

Sara Ali

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