19 Most hilarious signboards from India

India is a country with great diversity. We embrace every language and culture, sometimes creatively.

I realize this whenever I see innocent attempt by people to try their hands on English or design the signboards creatively.

These are handpicked 19 Most hilarious signboards pictures from India.

I couldn’t resist sharing this with you. These pictures are purely for fun. I don’t want to hurt the feelings of people who made these innocent mistakes without realizing.

This definitely can happen only in India.

Images courtesy to their respective websites.

1. “Erection” of Sony

Virginwords funny22

2. Butty Mistake

Virginwords funny21

3. Beware of “Animals Type Man”.

Virginwords funny20

4. New beer in town.

Virginwords funny19

5. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you

Virginwords funny17

6. Deadly physics for 100% engineering!!!

Virginwords funny16

7. Just following the sign.

Virginwords funny15

8. You mean hitting kicking balls? So painful.

Virginwords funny14

9. If you want “English Speakna”, come here.

Virginwords funny13

10. Build toilets, save Dhania

Virginwords funny12

11. We forewarn you!!!

Virginwords funny11

12. Go slow. Naked people ahead.

Virginwords funny9

13. Beware of “Heavy Erection”.

Virginwords funny8

14. Poor Coke

Virginwords funny7

15. Missing dot, played havoc.

Virginwords funny6

16. Straights strictly not allowed

Virginwords funny4

17. A new payment method – Pay cash with your card.

Virginwords funny3

18. Different rates for long and short.

Virginwords funny2

19. Is Mark Zuckerberg watching.

Virginwords funny1

Bonus, The killer one…

Virginwords funny25


Rashmi Pandey

I am Rashmi, FY student of Delhi University. I enjoy street shopping and playing pranks. You’ll find more fun stuff from me on VirginWords.