21 Warning signs you must quit your job

There is nothing worse than a job which sucks. You once started your career with dreams to rule the world, but something terrible happened somewhere and you missed the track completely.

One day you find yourself stuck up in an unexciting and sucking routine with only aim to keep yourself financially floating. You are not able to decide whether to continue in the current job or to quit because you dread of ending up in worse condition than the current one.

The one who changed a couple of jobs knows the feeling of unworthiness every morning. Take my point, once decided, act without much of thinking.

Look for warning signs to move on. If you find four or more of the following signs perfectly applicable to you, quit immediately. You will find better options.

1. You are already thinking of changing the job

Yes, you are just thinking without action. Believe me, thinking of leaving the job and not doing anything about it makes your life miserable. It’s like ruining your present while thinking about future without action. So, if you are thinking for long, act now.

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2. Monday morning blues becoming terrible

You don’t feel like getting out of the bed in the morning. Friday’s and Saturday’s have become merrier and weekdays have become awful. You dread of driving to work. This sense of detachment and disengagement is the first and clear sign that you must start looking for a better job.

3. Your job has become extremely boring

Some days at work are more exciting than others, but if your most of the days are boring and sluggish, it’s time for you to look for excitement in other organization.

The other signals accompanying boredom are – no motivation, even mornings are no more exciting, and you are procrastinating more than usual.

4. You are stressed, tensed and unhappy

You are always stressed with one or the other reason; missed deadlines, tough projects, no support, and many more are making your days awful. Your stress and frustration have spilled over to your personal life. You no more enjoy time with your loved ones.

The stress takes toll on your mental as well as physical health. Look if the cause of the stress is job itself.

5. You are not growing

Flatter structure, lower attrition, manpower optimization, unprofessional culture, personality preference, subjective appraisals, sexual discrimination are some of the reasons which can put brakes on your growth. This leads to other signs like stress, unhappiness, boredom etc.

Assess your growth options seriously. Leave if the current things are not fitting into your career plans.

6. You have a crazy boss

It takes only a terrible boss to push you to exit door. Why to work for a person who is unsympathetic, demanding, selfish, micro managing, immature and control freak? Unless you are sure that this boss is going to leave, you must start looking for a change.

Quit your boss even if you don’t want to quit the organization. Most of the time, your career is as good as your boss.

7. You don’t fit in

You have grown over the years in the organization. Somehow, you feel unfit in the changing culture of the organization; or everything seems to be fine but you feel odd amongst the people around you.

This is dull, subjective feeling and it’s very difficult to take decision on this. Look for other accompanying signs given in this post.

8. You are consistently under-performing

The reasons can be numerous but the result will only be one – your company will show you exit door one day. No one wants the burden of non performing individual and no one is interested to listen to the reasons.

If you are seriously under-performing consistently and your boss is not interested to listen to you, then it’s time to say good bye on friendly note rather than being unceremoniously thrown out.

9. Your personal goals remain elusive

You don’t get out of bed and drive to work to make the stakeholders stinking rich. In fact your personal goals drive you to excellence in your work. Don’t work for the bunch of greedy owners whose plans are totally misaligned with your own personal targets.

Assess your goals on your growth, learning, bank balance, happiness etc. If you are struggling, move on to another company.

10. Your social circle have become extinct

If you become a lone soul in your job, which literally sucks life out of you. You stopped calling friends, you stopped going to get togethers, and your social media accounts became dormant.

Watch out the signs related to your social quotient. You will know the time to quit.

Hardeep Handa

Hardeep Handa

I am a seasoned marketing professional. I am ardent reader and avid writer. Management and technology equally excite me. I write regularly in my blog www.biztekmantra.com and www.virginwords.com

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