21 Warning signs you must quit your job

11. You don’t have time for yourself

Sometimes we forget that there is a beautiful life beyond the job. Don’t let your golden years burn in thankless hours at work.

If you have started sitting late in the office, taking your work to home, shooting mails at 3 in the night, stopped spending time with your family and kids, could not pursue your hobbies, dreaded missing on phone calls and mails… ; quit without giving a single thought.

12. You don’t want to be in the job your boss has

You are a performer, blue eyed boy of the management or even an average employee adding perennial years to your career in the company. Sooner or later you will be promoted to the position your boss currently has.

What happens if you realize that you don’t want the job your boss currently has. If you can’t stand the idea to be in the shoes of your boss, start looking for the job before your next promotion.

13. You feel being targeted and outcast

Nothing is going right for you. You have become punching bag for your boss, seniors and peers. Your smallest mistakes are being magnified. You fear attending meetings and conferences. You are not able to concentrate on your work

Something has gone grossly wrong. If you are unable to talk it out with your boss. It’s time to give a fitting reply… quit immediately.

14. Your skills and knowledge are not being tapped

People feel dejected and frustrated if their skills and knowledge are not properly utilized. This has been one of the top reasons for people to quit.

If you are bypassed for important projects, you are not being called in important meetings, your tasks are not in line with your capabilities, quit immediately. You are silently being told to pack up and leave.

15. You complaint about your work much more often than you praise

Analyze your casual talks with your peers, close friends and family members. If you complaint more often than you praise your workplace, then it’s the clear sign to quit.

How can you give your best to a job for which you have lots of negatives and few positives?

16. Your job duties have increased but not the pay

You have been loaded with more tasks in the garb of enhanced responsibilities and fancy designations without increase in your pay.

This generally happens when either company is cutting on manpower or you are in the trap of being shown the exit door. Don’t sell your services so cheaply; immediately look for better buyer.

17. There are constant exits

You are attending increasing number of farewell parties. You are only some of the few old guards in the company. You might be awarded for your long service (?), but soon you will find yourself odd-animal-out in the new jungle. Don’t let people think that you are not competent enough to move out. Don’t make your job your weakness.

The exit trend also positively shows that the recruiters prefer people from your company and industry, a good chance for you to be better placed.

18. The future of your company is uncertain

Quit immediately unless you believe in heroic acts to save sinking ship. Falling revenues, missed targets, outdated products, no incentives, crumbling processes, high attrition rate, reducing market share, negative press, strong competition are some of the numerous signs to know it’s time to say good bye.

In this scenario you will find overall negativity and uncertainty in the air about the future of the company.

19. You see too much churning in top management

This is the sign like strong underwater current below the calm surface. Too many changes in top management are the strongest signals of initial fire in the engine room of soon-to-be-sinking ship.

If you find yourself briefing new functional heads frequently. It is time for you to get the briefing yourself in your new job. Feel the undercurrent and quit.

20. There is too much restructuring

The management, who doesn’t have anything worthier up their sleeves, do the constant restructuring. Most often, the mindless restructuring is the sign of panic and lack of strategic ideas.

If you find this insane experimentation happening quite often, it’s clear sign to draft your good bye letter.

21. You are no more learning

Learning is the obvious part of your job. It’s the mix of on-the-job-learning and trainings provided by HR.

If your job has become repetitive and dull without any learning; your HR is not interested to include you in training programs; your boss has stopped approving your outside training requests. This indicates the stagnation of your learning process which seriously hinders your future prospects. It’s time to quit.

Don’t turn a blind eye to clear warning signals to quit the job and move to better organizations. Don’t act suicidal for your career. Give time to yourself, think for long term, look for better options and plan your exit.

Do you come across more warning signs to quit the job?

Hardeep Handa

Hardeep Handa

I am a seasoned marketing professional. I am ardent reader and avid writer. Management and technology equally excite me. I write regularly in my blog www.biztekmantra.com and www.virginwords.com

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