28 types of horrible bosses and how you must handle them?

10. The Visionless

He is like rudderless ship with no plans, but extremely short term tactics. If he performs despite of being at the important position, he can prove to be a slow poison for the company. The terms like markets, planning, and strategy are Greek to him. He is a “desi” fellow who lives for the day. He is inherently incapable of providing any vision and direction to you or the company.

What should you do? – Try to show him the bigger picture. It might be difficult because he is so sure about his ways, especially if they are producing short term results.; or else look for another boss or change the job.

11. Volcano

Like an active volcano, he is ready to erupt at any moment. He is basically a frustrated personality who has neither a happy family nor good social circle. You are the easy target for him to vent out his extreme frustration. Don’t expect any kindness in his behaviour. He can turn your brightest moment to the worst nightmare.

What should you do? – Maintain low profile. Avoid direct confrontation by mostly communicating on mails. Try to connect with him at emotional and personal level. If he opens up with you, he will turn out to be your best pal and docile boss.

Angry boss

12. The Bully

He is a sadist who use force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate all around him. He mostly involves in emotional and verbal bullying. He is different from Volcano type as his sole aim is to intimidate and dominate. He has two extreme faces; one for you and other for his superiors which is sober and sensible.

What should you do? – Avoid direct confrontation. Talk to HR and his superiors if things start getting out of control for you. Keeping mum will only encourage him to bully you further.

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 13. The Saboteur

This kind of boss always undermines your efforts. He feels no qualms  while destroying your contributions and taking the credit himself. When something goes wrong, it’s everyone’s fault but when things go right, that’s due to his efforts. I call him Saboteur because he completely sabotages the emotional connect of people working for him.

What should you do? – Stand up to showcase your contributions to the people who matter in the company. Also take the things in writing from him, in case you need the same in future to prove your innocence.

14. The Escapist

When the going gets tough, he gets out of the scene. This type of boss can be boon to you if you are self-sustained individual. He needs the trouble shooters around him and he duly rewards them. The only problem – although he tends to escape from critical issues, he will not shy away from taking credits.

What should you do? – Do the same as you do with Saboteur. Showcase your achievements and get the things in black and white. This type of boss is easy to manage as his days in company are generally counted.

15. The Clueless

He is the one who is completely oblivious of your role and contributions. He is either incompetent to understand your domain or he simply don’t give a damn. Getting noticed under him will always be a struggle for you.

What should you do? – Make your contributions felt in cross functional teams. Let others pay you the credit for your work. Make yourself look important to the business. Compel your clueless boss to look for the details.

16. The Hater

This type of boss has special hatred for one particular thing. He may hate a person, a behaviour, certain looks, and gender. He has his own reasons to hate but will never be known to you. If you are the one he hates, you can easily make out from his actions.

What should you do? – Don’t try too hard to deal with him. You simply can’t. He has his deep seated beliefs to dislike someone so strongly. Seek another boss or another company.

17. The Ancient

I call this type of boss a complete desi freak. Modern management practices and technology means nothing to him. He strongly believes in ancient way of doing business. He runs the business purely on human instincts. His fundamentals can be as basic as liking or not liking someone due to purely human and baseless reasons.

What should you do? – You neither have any learning opportunities nor will you have any growth options under him. If you don’t want to stagnate, seriously plan and implement self-learning or look to change your job.

18. The Politician

He is a chameleon, a politician boss who can change his colours as the situation demands. It’s hard to fathom him, hard to know his true feelings and plan. Hypocrisy is his motto.

What should you do? – Play straight with him. Unless you confront and counter him one to one you will be on the losing side always. Make him understand at least once that you can see through his plans; believe me, he will think twice before playing politician with you.

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  • Sunidhi

    Great. Comprehensive list. I enjoyed reading.

    My boss is the person from outer space who has no feelings earthly creatures.

    Include “The aliens” in the list….

    • Good Sunidhi. Aliens counted in the list.
      I trust you tackle your alien well.