28 types of horrible bosses and how you must handle them?

19. The Indecisive

You wonder how he reaches to this position as decision taking is the most critical part of managing and leading. He either takes too much long to decide or wish if you can help him. He is over-analytical. His indecisiveness related to your work, your growth and compensation will hurt you the most.

What should you do? – Present options to him and let him take his decisions. In this way you will push your decisions through and will also maintain his pseudo-superiority in decision making.

20. The Control freak

He is more of a controlling delegator. He doesn’t want you to take any decision without his approval. He becomes restless if the things are not happening as per his whims. He wants to control every process and decision and is obsessed with this behaviour.

What should you do? – Its difficult for you to deal with my-way-or-highway attitude. Still you can manage upto some extent by putting up the things masked in a way what he wants. You must learn the art of presentation.

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21. The Stubborn

He makes his mind without listening to you completely. He is the absolute slave of perceptions. The views and decisions can be altered but perceptions are hard to change. Once decided, he never changes his mind.

What should you do? – This type of boss can break the spirit of whole department or company. You can influence him at your best and hope for the positives.

22. Resist Change

The business growth needs constantly reinventing yourself and processes. This type of boss stuck up in newton’s first law. He resists every change and love staus quo. But resistance to change for a manager is detrimental to company and people around him.

What should you do? – It’s the combination of internal influence from you; and external influence from his superiors and HR that can work. Clear visibility of pros over cons can make him change; but unfortunately businesses don’t operate in black and white environment. You need to deal with lots of grey shades also.

23. Driven by emotion

He is quite opposite of bully. His talks revolve around loyalty, engagement, devotion, family, and friends. He is expert in getting his way through emotional outbursts. You tend to reveal too much.

What should you do? – Maintain your logic and don’t sway away in emotional pep talks. Reveal only what he is required to know.

24. The Manipulator

I call him “jugaad boss” in Indian context. He is more like “the devious”. He manipulates the things to his favour. He has the right connections to “manage” things. He generally comes across as a friendly and cooperative person; but the manipulations put him in the league of horrible bosses. He is extremely damaging to the company as well as to you.

What should you do? – Have every system and process documented and open to audits. This type of boss can be restricted only by constraints. Given an option he will start manipulating and start doing jugaads.

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 25. The Robot

He is the other extreme of “the manipulator”. He is the slave of systems and processes. He is the most inflexible when set process is present and he struggles in absence of process. He is not stubborn but a strong follower of every single documented word in policies of the company.

What should you do? – His inflexibility is detrimental to your career. You can only present the best options in front of hin within the policy framework.

26. The Dreamer

His grandiose plans are always like castles in the air. You can identify him as an excellent planner and strategist but an equally worst executioner. He dreams well but giving shapes to his dreams are challenging for you.

What should you do? – Prepare the detailed blueprints of his some of the plans and explain the executional challenges. Every dream can’t be turned into reality.

27. The Impatient

He will call you ten times a day for the status of a project which is due a fortnight after. I call him “follow up” boss. He so impatient that he can’t concentrate on one task at a time.

What should you do? – Keep him updated about the progress. Be short and succinct in your interactions with him. Keep constant eye contact.

28. The Ungrateful

No amount of hardwork and performance can make him happy. He is either devoid of empathy or he has extremely high expectations which no one could fulfill. You will never listen the words of appreciation or gratitude from him.

What should you do? – Be clear and concise in your demands. Present your work in most effective way and then demand the obvious reward. This may seems inappropriate but is certainly better than to wait and never get anything.

Here I tried to showcase 28 types of horrible bosses, but this species has numerous types. Keep a watch on them manage them tactfully.

What type of boss do you have??

Hardeep Handa

Hardeep Handa

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  • Sunidhi

    Great. Comprehensive list. I enjoyed reading.

    My boss is the person from outer space who has no feelings earthly creatures.

    Include “The aliens” in the list….

    • Good Sunidhi. Aliens counted in the list.
      I trust you tackle your alien well.