5 Incredible things you can do with Google Drive

Google is a great innovative company with amazing products. Google Drive is one of it’s star product. Many of us think the drive as an online storage application for our documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

It is not only the application to share files with others, which most of the people use it for; in fact it is much more than you think. Google Drive is as fun to work with as it is for serious professionals.

You must know about most of the basic functions of Google Drive. I will take you to some of the lesser explored areas of Google Drive.

1. Research with Drive

Writing a research paper? Preparing a report with citations and references from various resources? Next time use Document in Google Drive. It will make it easier for you to write in effective manner.

Highlight and right click your text you want to research for. Click on Research options from the Menu. A bar at the right hand will open with the results. You can have preview, insert link or show citations, all within Google Drive.

Google Drive


2. Drawing with Drive

Drawing tool of Google Drive is fun to work with. You can draw shapes, fill colors, scribble with pen, sign on the drawing board.

Click Create button on the left upper corner of Drive home screen. From the drop-down list, click on Drawing.

Google Drive

This will open Drawing board. Have fun or use the application as you wish to.

Google Drive

3. Easy storage and content search for your scanned images

Google Drive has the option to convert ans save the text from your scanned images or PDF files. It also saves your image within document file.

Scan your certificates, important documents, prescriptions, bank files etc and upload the images in Google Drive. Enable the option to convert the text from images and PDF files. Next time when you need your documents, you can search for them as you will be able to search the text content.

Enable option to convert text from images and PDF files. Go to Setting (Gear at right hand upper corner) > Upload settings > Convert text from uploaded PDF and image files.

Extremely useful trick. Proved Immensely helpful for me. Try it for yourself.

Google Drive

4. Search high quality stock images and insert into your document

Finding and using high quality stock image legally is difficult. Google Drive has inbuilt option to search high quality images and insert into your document, all without leaving the Drive.

Currently you can serach and use the images from Google’s own library, Stock images and LIFE Magazine.

Click Create button on the left upper corner of Drive home screen. From the drop-down list, click on Document.

From Toolbar, Click on Insert > Image.

Google Drive

This will open the following window. Select the source options to search from Google, LIFE and Stock. Click on the Image > Select to insert the image in your Drive Document.

Google Drive

5. Apps Environment

Like Android, Apps environment has done wonders for Google Drive. Drive currently has numerous Apps which enhance the usability of Drive manifold.

Click Create button on the left upper corner of Drive home screen. From the drop-down list, click on Connect more apps.

From the Apps window, Chose the Apps to suite your requirement. Unlike earlier, this application is not browser specific. The Apps are connected to Drive one you select them.

Google Drive

Open the Apps window and have fun and experimentation till next time when we will cover some of the cool Apps within Google Drive.

Google Drive is still evolving with tremendous pace. Watchout for more about Drive in DigiSmarter.

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