5 Workplace crimes you must avoid

You must be wondering about the title “workplace crimes”. In fact I am referring to the most irritating ill manners being practiced by some office jerks.

Had your workplace followed any criminal code of conduct, these ill manners would have been announced as crimes with stringent punishment to offenders.

Many of your colleagues might be level headed, experienced professionals but, strangely, they behave like morons many a times.

I consider the below five workplace ill manners as the most serious ones. If you are one of the violator, keep a watch and steer clear from them.

To my utter surprise, people behave with extreme audacity and remain as calm and innocent as if they have every right on this earth to be brag and brash professional.

Office habits

Peeping into colleague’s screen: You will find these peep-masters in every office. Whether its professional talks on your table or passing by your seat, these peepers will never lose an opportunity to peek over your shoulders into your lappy screen. Don’t be one of them. People may not object at that moment but they definitely feel the bust of irritation inside. See your colleague’s lappy screen only when you are allowed to do so. Breaching somebody’s work privacy is not an acceptable norm by any standard.

Screaming on phone: Excuse me, don’t forget that you are communicating through phone. You are not required to make the person at the other side hear your voice without his instrument. Don’t scream. You are not alone in your office. Respect others existence around you. Speak on low notes and always keep the ringing tone of your phone either on medium sound or vibrating mode.

Not Attending the person sitting right in front of you first: You are passively passing a strong message that “I damn care about you” if you are busy checking your inbox or talking on phone, while other person is sitting in front of you. Everyone on the other side of the phone can wait unless its too critical matter to be postponed for a couple of minutes. Give due importance to the person in front of you. He has come to you, might have something important to discuss. Knowingly or unknowingly you are disrespecting him by ignoring him. Listen to him first.

Playing with your iPhones and Blackberrys while in middle of presentations: This is the most annoying sight for the presenter who has prepared his stuff. You are screaming to him “I give a s**t to this crap that you are presenting”. You offend the presenter and impart insult to his masterpiece. Believe me, its that strong a message that you are emitting. Pay attention, listen, and take part in discussions; or else, better excuse yourself out of the attendees list.

Passing personal remarks: Don’t pass personal remarks on your workmates. Leave their behavior, dressing, family etc. for them to handle. Passing remarks and offering unsolicited feedbacks are totally uncalled for. Let their private life private to them. Don’t discuss or ask about it unless you are allowed to do so.

There might be long list of workplace etiquettes. The above five stand out clearly and a big no-no at every work place.

You will find many morons committing above crimes in every office. Don’t become one of them. Be a better human and excellent professional.

Article Courtesy: biztekmantra.com

Hardeep Handa

Hardeep Handa

I am a seasoned marketing professional. I am ardent reader and avid writer. Management and technology equally excite me. I write regularly in my blog www.biztekmantra.com and www.virginwords.com

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