7 Wonderful tricks for your presentations

Delivering presentations are integral part of your professional life. Presentations to boss, senior management, customers, authorities etc. are the make or break moments.

Here areĀ 7 Wonderful tricks for your presentations which makes you the master of handling technical side of presentations.

Remember, these tricks will work only when the presentation is in slideshow mode.

1.Jumping the slides.
You can jump to a particular slide by entering the slide number and pressing Enter.

2. Display hidden slides during presentation.
Press H to advance the presentation to the next hidden slide.

3. Return to start from middle of presentation.
Quickly return to the first slide by holding both mouse buttons for two seconds (or press the number 1 and then press Enter).

tricks for your presentations

4. Blank screen to get the attention back to you.
Display a black screen (or return to the slide show from a black screen) by pressing B.

5. Write on your slide show.
When displaying a presentation, press Ctrl+P to change the pointer to a pen to annotate your slide show, and press the Esc key to return to a pointer. Press E to erase annotations.

6. Display list of slides to go to desired slide.
When displaying a presentation, press Ctrl+S to display a list of all slides with slide titles, then doubleclick a selection to jump to that slide.

7. Publish your slide show as a video.
Start by recording your slide show with your narration from the Slide Show tab by selecting Record Slide Show, Start Recording. When you are done, from the File tab, select Save & Send, Create a Video.

Go ahead and make it a point to use the above tricks in your next presentation.

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