Amazing way to click group photos with photographer included in the picture

Be it childhood, school-days, college-days, family gatherings, office parties, – group photos are the excellent way to cherish memories life long. One issue with group photos is that the person taking the photo is always left out.

I am missing in almost every photo of my son’s birthday as I am the one who is clicking the pictures throughout the party. My problem is solved by Eyedeus Labs, a bunch of geeks from Pakistan. They developed Groopic, an app for Android and iOS which has innovative solution to add photographer in the picture.

Groopic perfectly merges two photos to show the photographer in the picture. I have tested the app, the results are really amazing and extremely satisfying.

The app works identical on iOS as well as Android platforms. Let me explain its functionality, simple enough for everyone to understand. Following screenshots are the best way to explain.








Download Groopic from Google play store for Android

Download Groopic from iTunes for iOS

One catch – You can see your group photos inside the app. To save your photos or share by social media, email etc., you need to get the pro vesrion. I paid just 99 cents to unlock its complete and awesome features.

You can make the payment of 99 cents through Googleplay store. Once you make the payment, all your earlier pictures will be processed and ready to be saved and shared.

Do note the app suggests certain device which are supported; but it works fine with most of the devices which are not even listed in the app.

Go out, click photos with friends, process with Groopic and cherish lifelong memories.

Sara Ali

Sara Ali

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