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With the information explosion, the learning avenues has increased many folds. Internet is full of educational resources that one likes to learn. There are numerous university courses for free available to students worldwide.

Still there has been dearth of organized institution, offering courses on vast subjects from reputed global universities. The institution which is an open virtual university educating millions of students worldwide.

The answer is Coursera. The online venture started in early 2012 by two like minded people at Stanford University, Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng funded by John Doerr and Scott Sandell.

In a short time itself, Coursera has become the largest integrated platform offering free courses in collaboration with global universities.

Coursera currently runs around 200 free courses spanning around biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, statistics, business, finance and accounts, humanities, medicine and many more.

The courses are full online courses completed with video lectures, assignments. At the end of many courses, students get the certification of completion from instructor. These courses are a great tool to add value to your career, pace your learning and get the completion certificate to flash in your resume.

More tha 1.5 million students has already enrolled to get the benefit of this great initiative. The number is increasing with every passing day.

The credibility of the courses has been the hallmark of Coursera. World’s best 33 universities has joined hands with Coursera till now. These universities include many big universities like Princeton, Stanford, John Hopkins, Virgina, washington, Duke etc. ; and many more are coming forward to educate the world with classroom containing thousands of students.

Coursera has made reality the thought of universal education. It has come up with some remarkable reasults.

It has made education available to all. Anyone with motivation and ability to learn can enroll and get the education from world’s best instructors.

For many of us, the learning stops once we complete our formal education. Coursera has given us an opportunity to make learning a lifelong objective, to find new directions and explore the world.

Check Coursera here.

There has been many other initiatives worth mentioning which are contributing to the world’s education, making it a better place to live,

TED-Ed : TED lectures needs no introduction. TED-Ed is the extension of TED’s mission of spreading great ideas. TED-Ed includes some of the best educational animated videos and video lectures on diverse topics. It is also collaborative platform where users can also make and distribute their lessons on different topics.

Udacity: One more great initiative by a group of enthusiasts. Currently running 14 courses, all related to IT and computers.

edx: Runs free courses from MIT, Harvard University and Berkeley University.

Also check venturelab, class2go , MRUniversity , Open Yale Courses.

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