Convert file formats without downloading any software

In the world of numerous file formats it is important for you to have your files in the right formats so that softwares in your computer can play them without any problem.

In the current scenario, it is the user who suffers and always look for easy solution to convert file formats. Your files includes your documents, music, movies, pictures etc.

There are many softwares to convert the files to desired formats; but they have their own limitations. The prime limitation is your inability to install softwares on your systems due to admin restrictions if you are working professional.

I am suggesting you the easy solution to convert the file formats right from your browser.

You can convert your files in minutes from zamzar (

Open in your browser. The following window will appear.

zamzar converter In step 1 chose the file that you want to convert. I have chosen pdf file.

In step 2 chose the format that you want your file to be converted to. I have chosen docx.

Enter your active email address in step 3.

Click “Covert” in step 4.

Your file will be uploaded to zamzar server and will be convetred to desired format, depending upon the size of the file.

You will receive an email with a link to download the file in converted format.

Do, remember that your file is available for download only for 24 hours from the time it is uploaded.

You may signup for paid service for additional features like converting bigger files, a personal inbox, faster file conversions.

Enjoy your content with desired formats with zamzar.

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