Convert web pages to PDF by Google Chrome

There are numerous softwares and extensions to convert your files to pdf.

The pdf format is one of the most preferred format for documents due to its not-so-easily-editable feature and its property to retain the original formatting of document.

In fact you don’t need any software or extension if you use Google Chrome as your browser. You can convert web pages to PDF by Google Chrome.

Open any web page in Google Chrome. Press Ctrl+P which will open the window as given below. Select the Destination “Save as PDF”. Click on Save button, select destination folder. Your page is now saved as pdf.

pdf convert in Chrome

You do a lot of transactions online and you need hassle free way to save the documents as common format. Your invoices of online transactions, your pages on ecommerce sites, your receipts of online payments etc are the documents easily converted to pdf from Google Chrome and saved offline.

the thumb rule is, if you can open your files in Google Chrome, you can convert them to pdf. The Google Chrome act as pdf converter engine for yout image files, text files, HTML pages, emails etc.

I find this feature extremely useful when I need to convert my email to pdf, either for saving offline or sending as attachment.

Use Google Chrome, you don’t need pdf converter extensions.

Sara Ali

Sara Ali

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