Don’t forget 4 things before selling your old smartphone

Your smartphone is the record of your life. It contains overwhelming information; enough for anyone to have detailed account of your life.

Not surprisingly, more than 80% respondents in a survey accepted that the data in their phone is more valuable for them as compared to phone itself.

Once you  realize that it can fetch you some price, you must take care of the 4 most critical things before selling your old smartphone.

1. Back up your data: I always advise to keep at least two sets of your data at any point of time. Restoring data is far more easier than recovering, in case you lose it due to any reason.

Apple provide the detailed account of backing up the data of your iPhone using cloud or on your computer using iTunes.

For Android phones, set up your Google account to back up your data using settings menu. Most of the manufacturers provide the back up applications.

  1. Go to Settings, Personal, Backup and reset, and select both Backup my data and Automatic restore.
  2. Go to Settings, Personal, Accounts & Sync, and select your Google account.
  3. Select all of the option boxes listed, to ensure that all available data is synced.

The other external apps for backing up your data include Titanium, Mobile Back up and Restore from Avast, Ultimate Back up, Easy Back up etc.

I advise you to transfer your images, audios, and videos to SD card or external devise before backing up your phone, as they consume more space and copying them is easier than back them up. Many programs don’t back up images, audios and videos by default.

2. Wipe the data clean: Do remember that your digital fingerprints are hard to delete. If you remove your data by simple delete option, it can be recovered by easily available free softwares. You definitely don’t want the buyer of your phone to browse through your personal information, images and videos.

Apple explains the detailed steps to securely erasing your data.

For Androids you can reset your phone to factory setting, thus erasing all the data. Follow the same process as you did for backing up the data. Look for factory reset option.

This generally is not the safe mode of cleaning your phone, as the data can still be recovered by simple tools. You must use Apps to securely wipe the data. You can use Secure Wipe, Full Wipe which comes handy for wiping your phone clean.

3. Strip your phone down: If your phone has SIM card, take it out. You will require it for your new phone.

Remove the additional memory card if your phone has one. Do remember, wiping or factory reset may not remove all the data. Memory card can still be used for recovering your old data.

Now your phone is ready to be sold while you still keep your data secure with you.

4. Think again: As I wrote earlier, your personal information is most critical for you. Think off the trade off between the price of the phone and risk of complete identity theft.

For old phones with lesser value…. Look out for good hammer, put on your safety glasses and destroy the phone: better option than selling it off!!!

Hardeep Handa

Hardeep Handa

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