Google: Receive your daily agenda in your inbox

One of my favorite features on Google is its ability to remind me about my daily schedule. It helps me to keep track my daily agenda through multiple devices.

Google calendar helps me manage my day. I love its ability to remind me through multiple modes like SMS and email.

There are many hidden features that many of us are not aware of. One of them is the calendar’s ability to mail your consolidated daily agenda in the morning. Coool!!!

One good thing, you can set the notification mail for any calendar shared with you. How about getting the daily agenda of your boss in your mailbox every morning.

The email is sent around 5am in the morning. You can also edit when you receive an email about Events you are included in.

How to activate daily agenda email?

Login to your account. Click on the down arrow in front of the calendar for which you want email notifications.



Under reminders and notifications, select Email under daily agenda under the section Choose how you would like to be notified.

Click Save.


Here you go. Now you will receive your calendar events of the day by email in the morning at around 5am.

After adding your agenda, go ahead and set the calendar to email your boss’ agenda to you, everyday!!!

Hardeep Handa

Hardeep Handa

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