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Google has changed the world in a way no company has done. It has not only brought the information on our fingertips but transformed the way we think and act. It has always been on the forefront whether it is tiny bit of change or bigger innovative programs.

It has become more than the search engine. I have always been the fan of small innovations that Google keep on doing on its search pages. It has come up with scientific calculator and currency converter, although these two have always been present in Google in a very basic form.

Scientific Calculator: Google has made your current scientific calculator obsolete. It has brought it right in your search results, one step above the basic calculator that it always had. If you enter any mathematic calculation in the search box, the results pages will show scientific calculator on the top.

You can click on the calculator tabs to do your calculations. Now no need to search your office drawers for calculator which always tends to lost in myriad of things.

Currency Converter: Currency conversions have never been so easy. Enter any currency like (USD, GBP, Rupee etc.) in Google search box, it will return results with a handy converter right on the top.

You can convert between more than 90 currencies as of now.

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