How to access Wikipedia without internet connection?

Wikipedia has been amazing source of information about every thing you can imagine about. It has been the teacher and mentor for millions. Currently it stores millions of articles being updated regularly. But like any other web based program, Wikipedia needs internet connection.

You might have felt many a times stuck up with slow speed which takes eternity for pages to load or entangled with weired problems of internet service providers.The solution has emerged in the form of offline reader which downloads the whole wikipedia on your computer and make the content available to you any time anywhere without the hassle of looking for internet connection.

Kiwix is an offline reader for ZIM files which first downloads Wiki pages on your computer and then makes them available for offline browsing and reading. The content and design is the replica of online Wikipedia with all the links and images. With Kiwix you feel online with topspeed connectivity and access to the whole amazing world of Wikipedia.

In order to use Kiwix, download and install it on your computer.

On start, it will prompt you to select the Wikipedia to download from the available more than 40 types and languages. Once you download, you can search, browse and read the content same as you do when accessing Wikipedia online.

Besides downloading through Kiwix, you can also download ZIM files separately and open with Kiwix. You can download 45,000 articles of english language for the file updated till December 2012. Torrent is also available to download the same file. These articles are complete in all aspects and are the exact replica of online pages.

You can also download the complete Wikipedia . Torrent of this file is also available. This complete file is devoid of pictures; but still its exhilarating when you have immense information available locally in your own computer.

Once downloaded, you can browse through complete Wikipedia offline like in a browser and read the articles without worrying about internet connections.

(Image Courtesy: Kiwix)

The file size of wiki ZIM files runs into many GB which is, obviously, a huge data to download. Wikileaks ZIM file of 177MB may be of interest to many of you. If you are amongst privileged few with high speed and bandwidth, this source will be a goldmine of information just a click away.

I strongly recommend this innovative and extremely useful tool. So go ahead and grab the Wikipedia.

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