How to capture awesome screenshots of smartphone

There are various ways to capture screenshots of smartphone. However, this may differ with the manufacturers due to heavy customizations they do over the basic operating system, especially for Android devices.

Still there are basic tricks which should work on most of the devices for the specific operating system.

For Android phones (running ice cream sandwich 4.0 and above):
Press and hold the Volume down button + Power button at the same time to capture the screen.

For iPhones:
Press and hold the the Home + Sleep buttons at the same time to capture the screen.

For Windows 8 phones:
Press and hold the Start + Power buttons simultaneously.

The captured image will automatically be saved in screenshot or picture folder depending upon the device.

The next step is to fit the screenshot into frame for use in your website, blogs, presentations, social media etc. Below image is screenshot which placed inside the phone by online tool Placeit.

You can use photoshop but there are many incredible sites which frames your screenshot with ease. Below are the top 4 which you must give a try.

1. Placeit adds the realtime frame to your screenshot. There are numerous options available.

2. Frameapp provides the easiest way to add frame to your screenshot. Select the frame based on phone brand and model, upload the image. Here you go with awesome image.

3. MockUPhone allows you to pick the frame Android, iOS, Windows phone. It needs the picture of resolution minimum 2000px X 2000px.

4. Device Art Generator is the official Android screenshot wrapper. It allows you to wrap your screenshot with real device like Nexus series.

I have covered the basics of taking screenshots and putting them into real devices images. Let me know if there are other better alternatives in market.

Sara Ali

Sara Ali

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