How to change theme of Facebook

Facebook is the incredible way to keep connected to your friends.

Facebook has great features but I wonder how it lacks the functionality where users can alter the theme of Facebook.

It’s default blue theme is bland and boring. The colorful world of Facebook deserves colorful account page.

Now you can change your account page to incredibly colorful and exciting visuals. You can do this if you are using Firefox and Chrome as your browser.

An example of the outcome is given below. There are numerous styles you can apply.

Pupleout-themeFor Firefox Browser:

  1. Open Firefox and install Stylish Add-on or download from the Add-On page.
  2. Follow the basic steps of installing add-on and restart Firefox.
  3. Login to your Facebook account and click on the “S” button now appearing in the Forefox status bar.
  4. Click on “Find styles for this site”. This will open a tab with themes for Facebook.
  5. Click on the theme you want for your Facebook account. Preview will open.
  6. Click on “Install with Stylish” button which will open a dialog box.
  7. Click on install in dialog box to complete the installation process.

For Chrome Browser:

  1. Open Chrome and install Stylish from Chrome webstore.
  2. Login to and click on the “S” button.
  3. Rest of the steps will be same as explained for Firefox in steps 4 to 7.

Now your Facebook is set to the theme that you installed. Enjoy the visual treat.

Infact with this addon you can change the themes of numerous sites like,, etc. Keep exploring by clicking the “S” button while the website is open whose appearance you want to change.

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