How to download selective articles from Wikipedia?

I wrote a couple of days back about downloading the entire Wikipedia on your computer. Obviously, the requirement of individuals are selective and based on certain topics any. Downloading of huge amount of data running in GBs may not be practical for many of you.

Here I explain one more innovative feature which enables you to download the selective articles from Wikipedia in pdf, doc or ZIM formats. You can make book of all the selected articles of your choice. This is one of my favourite feature by Wikipedia.

Here are different steps you can follow to make your own book from Wikipedia articles.

Step 1. Open Wikipedia in your browser and enable “Book Creator” in the left hand margin. You may have to open “print/export” box first.

Step 2. Collect Articles. From now on on every article that you will open, “add this page to your book” toolbar will appear on the top. If you open a category “Add this category to your book” will appear. You can add all the articles in that category to your book with one click.

After few articles you can click on “suggest pages” where you will be presented a set of articles related to your selcted articles. This helps you to make your book complete with all related articles.

Step 3. Review your book. Once you complete adding articles to your book, click on “show book” to give final shape to your book. Here you can add title, sub title, arrange chapters, delete articles etc. This gives the final shape to your book.

Step 4. Download or order a printed book. You can download the book in pdf, doc or ZIM format (ZIM format is highly compressed format and will open with Kwix) or order the printed version from Pediapress.

(All images courtesy Wikipedia)

You can also save and share the book, provide you are registered Wikipedia user.

I have been using this feature for a couple of months and this has been one of the best and convenient way to read Wikipedia. Here is and example of book created by me in pdf format on Apple Inc. Click here to download the book.

Your comments are welcome.

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