How to find big mails in your gmail account?

Google’s mail service has always been amongst the front runners in race for the beats mail service. Google’s built this gmail on the search platform rendering it ineffective in some areas where mail clients like Outlook scores over it.

When the inbox size is limited, you will, sooner or later, required to find and delete the larger mails with huge attachments. Google supports 25MB of attachment and this limit plays a critical role in filling up your inbox.

Finding big mails in your gmail account has limited options. One is running advanced search filters to find mails with larger attachments.

Other option is to use third party toll “Find Big Mail“, which is free for the gmail IDs ending with; this means your corporate account, on premium gmail service, not using is not free.

Go to Find Big Mail home page and enter your gmail ID. Click on the tab Finf Big Mail.

You will be redirected to gmail login page. One you enter the username and password, you will be taken to the page where you will need to grant access to Find Big Mail application.

Once you grant access to your gmail account, Find Big Mail starts scanning your mails. This process may take some time depending upon the size of your mailbox. You may close the window if you want. The application sends the results in your inbox.

Once the scan is completed, you will be shown the summary of your results.

Subsequently once you check your gmail account, you will find the larger mails labeled as per their sizes; top 3 mails according to size, mails larger than 1MB, larger than 5 MB and mails larger than 10MB will be labeled.

You can see the mails by clicking the labels and delete which are not required to freed up the space.

Important: many of you might have the security and privacy concerns as you grant access to third party, non google-affiliated program.

Be assured about the concern, the program get temporary access from google and it expires the moment scanning is completed. If doubt remains, you can visit this link while still logged into your gmail account to see if FindBigMail is listed there or not. Certainly it will not be there, or else you can also remove the access manually.

Moreover the program access your mails and scan them for size only.

Keep your inbox clean and within storage limit to enjoy excellent gmail experience.

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