How to hide photos and updates from certain friends on Facebook

Facebook has numerous options, still hidden from many of us. Do you known that you can selectively hide photos and updates from certain friends; or alternatively you can share your photos and updates only with selected few friends.

This gives you choice of sharing your updates with whom you want.

How to hide photos or status update from certain friends on Facebook

Login to Facebook Accout.

Update your status, upload photograph, Select place, or chose life event. I wrote “I Love DigiSmarter” in my status update.

Click on privacy settings as shown in the below image. Your settings can be different as per your choice but it will appear on the same place.

From the drop-down list, click on Custom.

Facebook status1

Clicking on custom will open the pop up window with the following options.

– Share this with: You can share your update with the friends you chose. Drop-down will show many options.

– Don’t share this with: You can exclude certain friends with whom you don’t want to share the update.

Facebook status2

Select your options and hit the Save button.

Your status is live with selective visibility to some of the friends as per your choice.

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