How to use Google Drive for Surveys and quizzes

Google drive (earlier Docs) has added many features over the years. The service that has been extensively used for document sharing has gone one notch up. Google drive for surveys and quizzes is the excellent way to connect to your readers.

This is also a great tool for the organizations using Google Apps for their email and other IT needs.

The only requirement – you must have your Gmail account to create the forms from Google Drive.

A Google form is automatically connected to spreadsheet with the same title as that of form in Google Drive. When you share the form, the responses are recorded in the spreadsheet.

Creating the form: You can create the form in two ways.

1. Create form from your document list: Open the drive through your Gmail account. Go to Create > form. This will open the form template. Add questions and options you like.

Figure 1.

2. Create form from Google spreadsheet: Open any spreadsheet. Go to tools > create a form. This will open the form template. Fill the questions as per your requirement. Next time you open the same spreadsheet, you will find form menu along side tools.

Adding Questions: You can add questions by clicking “Add Item” at the top of your form. The types of questions can also be chosen from within the questions itself.

Figure 2.

You can frame different questions:

  • Text: Small text box for answer. Appropriate for few words.
  • Paragraph Text: Useful for long responses and explanations.
  • Multiple Choice: The respondent can chose from the list. You can give as many choices as possible.
  • Check Boxes: The respondent can chose multiple options from the list.
  • Choose from a list: A drop down list with choices for the respondent to pick from.
  • Scale: The respondent will chose a number within specified scale like 0-10 or 1-50.
  • Grid: This question that applies to many fields. The respondent can choose an answer for each from a list of options you give.

Section Header and Page breaker: You can divide the questions into different sections by going to “Section Header” option under “Add Item” tab (See Figure 2.). You can also split the longer forms to multiple pages by clicking “Page Break” under “Add Item” tab.

Choosing Theme: You can choose from 97 different themes available as on date. Google has been adding new themes regularly to give your survey and polls a desired look. Choose theme by pressing the tab “Theme” on the top left of the form.

Distributing the form: There are multiple ways to distribute the form under Google Drive.

Figure 3.

  • Email the form: Click “Email this form” tab at the top right of the form. Add the email addresses of the people and send the form.
  • Embed the form in your website or blog: To do this, click the “More actions” tab in the top right and then select “Embed”. Copy and paste the text provided onto your blog or website to collect your visitors response.
  • Share on Google+ : Click g+ share on the top right of the form. Add contacts from your circles. You can add comment also which is optional. Click share. You can also choose to send email to friends in your circles.

Collecting Responses: Once you distributed your form, the responses needs to be collected and analyzed. Go to the spreadsheet connected to the form (should have the same title as that of form). You will find the response data with time stamp in the sheet. You can also see the summary by clicking on “Show summary of responses” (Figure 4.).

Figure 4.

You can do many things in the form from the spreadsheet as shown in figure 4. Edit it, send it to more people, add questions by going to live form, stop accepting responses, or delete form.

This is a great tool and is much easier to use. The best way to believe is to try it yourself. Let me know about your experience…

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