Lock WhatsApp and Facebook with single password

I have covered a tip in my previous post to protect your privacy by hiding Last Seen Time Stamp in WhatsApp. Now here is another extremely easy way to protect your privacy by locking WhatsApp and Facebook along with many other applications with a password.

This is for the people who wants extra layer of protection as their phones are sometimes accessed by friends and family members for calls and other work. This trick is for the people who don’t want anyone to peep into their personal data on their phone.

For Android phones it works with WhatsApp, Facebook, BBM, WeChat, Telegram, Viber, LINE, Hangouts, GTalk, SMS, Kakao Talk, Kik Messenger, Tango and Yahoo Messenger.

I found the Messenger and Chat Lock App extremely effective and easy to lock so many applications with single password.

Download and install Messenger and Chat Lock from Google Play in your phone. Once you start the application it will ask 4 digit password PIN which will be the single password for all protected applications.


The best thing with this app is that it is the single application controlling the privacy of lots of applications in your phone.

You can set the time within which the applications is locked automatically once you close it. I sat it on immediate as shown in above picture.

If anyone tries to enter the wrong password, this application will take his picture through front camera of the phone without his knowledge. This works only with the phones having front camera.

It is absolutely free to download, install and use. Although its is advertisements supported but you will not find them intrusive.

Download Messenger and Chat Lock App from Google Play Store and enjoy better privacy.

For Blackberry:
There are apps like Chat Lock-Lock All Messenger, FREE Chat Lock, All In One Chatlock Free which essentially does the same function.

For iPhone:
Try Password for WhatsApp Messages available for small amount on iTunes.

Article Courtesy: digismarter.com

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