Now Google plans to install camera in your eyes

This is the age of pushing the frontiers to the limit, and Google leads the pack. After innovating into Google Glass, it’s time for the Mavericks of Silicon valley to go farther.

As per the recent Patent bolt report, Google has applied for the patent to change the way the world look at contact lenses.

Patent application reveals that Google has been working on the project to fit image capturing device, i.e. camera in your eyes. This miniature device will be as thin as the lens and will be able to capture images, process them and take actions on the basis of processed data.

Camera in contact lenses is more discreet. Think of a situation when you wear the camera and capturing the images especially when you don’t want others to know about it. The camera will follow the direction of your vision, and can be operated by controlled blinking motions of your eyes. The captured data can be processed by the camera in the lens or sent to the connected device like your smartphone. Seems exciting!!!

Google lens

Google explained the benefits of the device for visually blinds. It can alert the blind person of the approaching traffic from while he is about to cross the road. He can be alerted by the sound generated from his smartphone which is connected to the camera in lens.

Police officers can compare the facial expressions of the criminals whom they encounter with the captured suspects.

Binoculars may become the things of the past. The camera can have powerful zooming features, controlled by blinking patterns of your eyes.

This devise will not have screen like Google Glass, hence Google is exploring the ways to deliver processed information to the wearer.

Google is still assessing the potential uses of this device. Current patent application may also include Google’s earlier project of embedding sensors on the contact lenses to analyze the glucose level in tears; life saving innovation for diabetic patients.

Hand holding - zoomed in

Tech companies file patents for thousands of products every year. Very few of them see the light of the day. Google already has tested the limits with Google Glass, thus making the people like me believe the possibility of further innovative projects. Let’s wait and watch.

Look forward for the day when every eye will become roving camera. One most powerful use for me is its capability to end corruption in the world. The sting operations will go to another level.

Is Google listening!!!???

Sara Ali

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