Read the numbers on your car tyre – It can save your life

Recently my car got flat tyre at a speed in excess of 200 kilometer per hour on a busy highway. I narrowly escaped death. Initial investigation revealed that the car tyre specifications were not fit for my car.

I remembered believing the car dealer when I visited him to change my car’s tyre last summer. I didn’t check the specifications; in fact I didn’t know how to read the numbers on the tyre.

Tyres are one of the most important parts of our car, but we buy them without much of information. We are dependent on the dealer for most of the part.

I thought of sharing this small but important information which may save someone’s life.

The things that you need to know are given on the tyre. Look for the following on the side of the tyre.

Tyre information

195 / 50 R16 84V

195 indicates the nominal width of the tyre which remains in contact of the road. In this case the width of the tyre is 195 millimetres.

50 Indicates the aspect ratio. This shows the comparison of tyre section height with it’s section width. In this case height of the tyre is 50% of it’s width. If it is more, driving is comfortable but you tend to lose control at high speed. If it is less you will have more control on your car at higher speeds but the driving will be less comfortable. Mid values are the safest bet.

R16 indicates that the tyre is radial and is fit for the rim size of 16 inches.

84 indicates the code for maximum load bearing capacity of the tyre. The capacity is for one tyre, which means if the code is 84 the total load bearing capacity of your car will be 500×4=2000kg. Refer the following table for the codes with corresponding weights.

V indicates the code for maximum speed for the tyre.

Load and Speed Index Codes for Tyres

Load and Speed Index Codes for Tyres

I felt relieved and safer when I got my tyres changed after the last mishap. I knew how to read the specifications and I got the tyres which are perfect companion for my car. I have the tyres from reputed manufacturer with correct specifications.

How you buy your car tyres?

Saksham Arora

Saksham is young and successful entrepreneur. He is our guest author. He is gadgets freak and love long drives in his dream machines.

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