Reduce data bill by 50% and surf faster on smartphone

Mobile browsing is fun, but visiting some websites take heavy toll on your data plan. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest use more data than you think. The data savings of 20% to anywhere between 60-70% is boon for you and saves your dollars.

I will explain 3 easy ways by which you can drastically reduce data bill. The bonus is that you will find web pages loading much faster, making your browsing more fun.

Opera Mini for Smartphones – The super browser using amazingly lesser data

This is default browser for my Android phone and I absolutely love it. Opera Mini is meant for lesser data usage and faster page loading. It is loaded with superior features. Opera route your data through its servers compressing it drastically and delivering back to you.

Go to Opera Mini Menu > Help > Data Usage to check the data savings by Opera Mini for you.


The resulting window will show you the amount of data saved by Opera Mini.


Google Chrome for Smartphones – Another browser using lesser data

Google’s Chrome browser is the default browser in Android OS. You can enable the data saving setting in the Chrome by the following path.

Settings > Bandwidth Management > Enable Reduce data usage,


Please note that the path to enable the data usage application differs slightly in the different versions of Chrome and OS.

Apps to reduce the data usage on your smartphones

There are various apps which saves your data at device level. They compress the data and at the same times monitor the data hungry applications.

Onavo Extend is one of the applications which is most effective in reducing and monitoring your data usage. It runs continuously in the background of your phone and directs all of your mobile data traffic through Onavo’s servers and compression technology. Revolutionary universal data caching means you won’t have to use your data to load the same images every time you visit a website or use an app because they’ll already be available to you on your phone. And don’t worry about local storage, because you control the percent of your phone’s memory used for storage.

There are many means of reducing your data bill. The above three are most effective and I use all of them to reduce mine.

Sara Ali

Sara Ali

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