Remove formatting in MS word from pasted text

Whenever you copy text from another document or Internet page and paste in MS Word, it retains it’s original formatting. This becomes annoying many a times as you need the text in your own format of destination document. Here is the way to remove formatting in MS word.

The text copied from this document and pasted in MS Word will remain bold, italics and red as visible in this document. This also happens when you paste the text in your power-point presentation.

Here are easy shortcuts to this problem. It was a great help for me when I first discovered this.

1. To remove formatting from the text in MS Word, select the entire text and press the shortcut key ctrl + spacebar. This will remove all the formatting like color, bold, italics, and even links. This brings the text to the default format of MS word.

2. Another way to remove formatting is to use paste special option in MS Word. Chose Paste Special from the Home Tab in MS Word. The following window will open.

Paste special

Chose Unformatted Text or Unformatted Unicode Text to remove the formatting from the pasted text.

3. One more alternate to remove formatting is to open the notepad from Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad. Paste the copied text in Notepad. The pasted text will be without any formatting. Copy the text from Notepad and paste in MS Word. In this technique, there might be some special characters visible in Notepad, which needs to be deleted manually.

The above three tips are extremely useful to copy and paste the text in desired formats.

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