How to remove personal information from documents

Do you know that Microsoft saves all the private and sensitive information of the documents.

The information includes – when the document was created, how long you have been working on the document, who all have contributed to the document, and even the previous versions of the document. This is called metadata containing personal information which Microsoft saves with your documents.

You obviously don’t want this information to go along with the document in case you publish it or want to send it to your boss or colleagues.

The information hidden in the MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint will spill the beans if you had passed on the document as the result of your hard work and hours of toil.

The infringement of your privacy can be seriously embarrassing.

This is how you can remove this sensitive information in few easy steps in MS Office 2010 and 2013 versions.Personal informationOpen MS Office document. Click on File > Info > Check for issues > Inspect document

Personal information


Click Inspect from the screen which opens.

Personal information

Click on Remove All on the next window.

Personal information

Now Your personal information and metadata is removed permanently. You may edit it to fill the fresh information. You can publish the document and share with people either with your own information or with personal information removed from the MS Office documents.

Note: On Office 2007, click the Office button on the ribbon, point to Prepare, and click Inspect Document.

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