Schedule your text messages with TimelyText

I stumbled upon this wonderful App TimelyText which enable the user to schedule their text messages.

Want to be first to wish friend’s birthday, but afraid that you’ll forget? Feed in TimelyText and set the time. Want to convey someone the message but afraid that you’ll wake her up? Write in TimelyText and schedule to be deliver later.

Now you can handover the task of remembering the important events of your friends and loved ones to TimelyText.

Managing your messages is extremely easy. Schedule your texts to be sent the next day, week, month, or whenever you want it to be sent!


Viewing, editing or canceling your texts is easy, and the handy recurring feature will even allow you to send your messages on a repeating schedule. How will it be wishing someone’s birthday or anniversary every year bang on time without forgetting.

You can download this App from Google Play on your android devices.

I call this App as relationship manager. This is one of the best text manager that you can ever come across.

App: Timely Text
Platform: Android

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