Watch all the videos Apple showed at the launch of iPhone6 and iWatch

It’s been the huge day for Apple trying desperately to maintain its image of innovative and premium products company. Apple lived to its expectations by launching iPhone6 and iWatch.

The day is even bigger for diehard Apple fans who have been waiting passionately for Apple to give a fitting reply to Samsungs of the mobile world.

It’s yet to be seen if history will repeat itself after 30 years. There is a small but important point to remember about the 9th September’14 rollout if two iPhone6 and iWatch. The event was organized at Flint Center in Cupertino, Calif., instead of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco where Apple typically hosts the media for events.

Flint center is witness to one of the most important event in the History of Apple – this is the place where Steve Jobs took the original Macintosh out of the bag and introduced Apple’s first personal computers 30 years ago.

Apple also launched iMac at Flint Centre in 1985. The first major launch after Steve Jobs returned to Apple.

In a way, Tuesday’s launch was a big event for Apple. The message to the world is grandiose and loud.

iPhone 6

There was not one but two models of iPhone 6 and two sizes of Apple Watch (38mm and 42mm height) were launched.

Apple Watch

Also there is a new system for paying for things with a tap of your phone or watch.

There was lot of things happening and Apple had to break down it in the smaller videos throughout the keynote address. Many might have missed the videos during the event stream provided by Apple.

Thankfully Apple made all the videos available to the fans on Youtube.

You can watch all the videos related to the event below. You can choose the videos you want to watch from the playlist.

Thanks Apple for making these videos available at one place.

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