About VirginWords

While undergoing morning to evening drudgeries in corporate dungeons; sort of (un)satisfied with the way the life was passing by. Something was missing, something amiss. The joy of sharing, the joy of networking with wider audience was the wish. The sense of fulfillment by providing high quality content to readers was the aim.

The result….. VirginWords…. a platform for reaching out to the wonderful people like you.

I am Hardeep, a passionate corporate animal bitten by writing bug. I am a lead marketer with exposure to multiple domains from sales, technology, CRM, product management, to Strategic Planning. I observe the drama of life unfolding around me everyday; and feel the itch to share it with you, my readers. I started VirginWords to spill out my observations and musings on aspects of life and work.

Earlier, I thought of restricting myself to a niche of work related topics, but I felt choked in strict boundaries of niche. In fact I opened up the platform for my readers to write in VirginWords as guest authors. This gave wider scope to VirginWords. Saksham Arora has been our first guest author.

My friend Sara Ali came on board as a technical brain contributing to VirginWords. Sara is a network programmer who keeps on exploring the frontiers of technology. She describes even a complex topic in a lucid and simple way.

I added the content of my other blog www.biztekmantra.com to start with quality content initially to build VirginWords.

VirginWords has become my way of living. Our weekly hangouts have become debating grounds on VirginWords. Thanks to my contributors for keeping my tempo high and providing thoughts to chew upon.

In fact, nothing in my life is beyond the boundaries of Tech, Work and Personal space. I am committed to explore them further and generate quality content on VirginWords. True to its name, VirginWords is the slate with maiden thoughts.

VirginWords primarily revolves around technology and work related issues. You will find interesting contents to make your days refreshing and life more exciting and meaningful.

I invite your feedback and suggestions on virgiwords@gmail.com

alternatively you can use Contact Form to reach me.

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PS: Currently I am pursuing my dream of being entrepreneur and building a world class organization while working with extremely talented and wonderful people at Citron Scientific.

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